Study on Intelligent Fire Fighting System for Large External Floating-roof Tank

Xiang Zhi Meng, Guang Ming Liu, Chao Li


Fire on sealing ring is the main fire form of large external floating-roof tanks. Once fire occurs on the large-scale external floating-roof tank ring, the existing fixed fire extinguishing equipment cannot put out the fire quickly and efficiently, which would result in giant losses. The fire signal can be detected, the fire source can be located automatically and the fire can be extinguished precisely through the combination of the applicable imagine fire monitoring system of the intelligent fireextinguishing system and the automatically fire-fighting gun control system. The capacity of self-explosion prevention and control, fire control and extinguishing of the large scale oil tank will be promoted by extinguishing the fire at the early stage, which will ensure the safety of the operation of the large scale oil tank storage base.


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