Adsorption of Phenol on Xanthoceras Sorbifolia Bunge Hull Activated Carbon

Yinan Hao, Ximing Wang, Xiaotao Zhang


Adsorption of phenol from aqueous solution onto Xanthoceras Sorbifolia Bunge hull activated carbon (XSBHAC) developed by phosphoric acid activation has been investigated. Experiments were carried out as function of initial concentration, time, pH value and temperature. The results showed that maximum adsorption capacity of zinc (II) reached 200.031 mg/g at an initial phenol concentration, solution pH value, adsorption temperature, and adsorption time of 300 mg/L,3.67, 25ºC and 60min, respectively. Adsorption isotherms were modeled with the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms. The data fitted well with the Freundlich isotherm. The rates of adsorption were found to conform to the pseudo-second-order kinetics with good correlation. It could indicated that the ado sorption system belonged to polymolecular layer was an exothermic process. It was concluded that increased temperature was disadvantage for phenol adsorption onto XSBHAC. The results in this study indicated that XSBSHAC was a good adsorbent for removing phenol.


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