The Preparation of C/Ni Composite Nanofibers with Pores by Coaxial Electrospinning

Yiqiang Gao, Xiaodong Dong, Zhaolin Liu, Qufu Wei


PAN/Nickel acetate/PVP composite nanofibers were prepared by coaxial electrospinning and porous C/Ni composite nanofibers as anode materials for Li-ion battery were produced via peroxidation and carbonation. XRD, FE-SEM and TEM were used to investigate the morphology of the composite nanofibers. Results showed that fiber surface had obvious porous structure. Ni was cubic crystalline and the particle size was 20-90 nm. The electrochemical cycling performance was tested in the current density of 50mA/g. The first charge capacity of the porous composite nanofibers was 605mAh/g. The reversible specific capacity of the nanofibers was 435mAh/g after the 20th cycle, and the charge-discharge efficiency was 97.44%.


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