Research and Development of Subsoiler’s Operation Power Real-time Remote Testing Technology and Equipment

Keheng Yao, Shihao Liu, Xiaobing Chen, Zhuomin Peng, Jiping Zhu, Dong Yuan, Yan Ding, Min Xia, Wei Chen


Subsoiler is the main machine type to achieve conservation tillage, it requires larger power consumption, so the power been accurately tested can effectively guide the design and optimization of products, and achieve energy conservation. But now, this kind of equipment’s power test is basically wired transmission method, due to bad field environment conditions, parameters changed greatly and other reasons, the testing process is difficult, and the test data is not accurate. This paper adopt advanced mathematical coupling sensors, researched and developed a signal modulation transmitter and receiver system and data acquisition & analysis software, formed a 500m distance wireless data transmission real-time telemetry equipment to test the power of operating in the deep pine.


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