Wear and Corrosion Resistance of 304 Stainless Steel/WC Composite Coatings Prepared by Laser Cladding

Cong Luo, Peng Xu, Qiangxiao Deng, Fei Liao, Chongjin Shen, Jiangsheng Shu


In order to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of 45# steel, a layer of 304 stainless steel /WC composite coating was prepared on its surface by laser cladding technology. The microstructure, micro-hardness, wear resistance, wear scar and corrosion resistance of the coating were characterized by metallographic microscope, micro hardness tester, friction and wear testing machine, scanning electron microscope and electrochemical workstation, respectively. Results show that the microstructure of the coating composed of plane crystal, cellular crystal, dendrite and equiaxed crystal. With the increase of WC content, hardness of the coating increased gradually. However, when the amount of Y2O3 increased, the hardness of coating decreased slightly. While the addition of WC was 5 wt. % and the amount of Y2O3 was 0.5 wt. %, the coating has an outstanding wear resistance performance. Besides, when the amount of WC was 10 wt. % and the amount of Y2O3 was 1 wt. %, the coating has an excellent corrosion resistance.


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