Coherent Combination Characteristics of Laser Array with Hexagonal Ring Distribution

Xi Zhang, Yang Liu, Bo Wang, Donghao Fu, Jieya Wang, Changyong Lu


Coherent combination of laser beam is an important and challenging area of high power laser science, and many proof-of-principle experiments have been demonstrated. In this paper, we presented a mathematical model and derived the far field intensity distribution of a 2-D hexagonal ring distribution laser array using Frauhofer diffraction theory. The effects of fill factor and phase errors on far field intensity patterns are numerically analyzed and simulated. The result shows that nonunity fill factor causes the side lobe, the fill factor is smaller, the central lobe angular width will be much narrower and the power in side lobes will be larger. To make sure the side lobe intensity less than 1/e2 central peak power, the fill factor should be larger than 64%. Strehl ratio is also referred as evaluation parameter of the effect of phase errors on far field intensity. To limit the degradation of the Strehl ratio caused by phase errors to 0.8, the rms phase errors must be limited to ~􀟨⁄4 or better.


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