A Facile Cost-effective Method for Preparing Superhydrophobic Self-cleaning Silica Nanoparticles Coating on Al Substrate

Xuexia Xu, Qing Wang, Hui Fan, Yanting Feng, Xiaoliang Fan, Haimin Ding, Peng Wang


Aluminum and its alloys have achieved extensive industrial application while contamination can cause serious problems to their aesthetic appearance and functionality. Superhydrophobic coating could be a potential solution to the problems. In this study, superhydrophobic coating on the Aluminum alloy surface was prepared via spraying hydrophobic silica nanoparticles suspension. The static water contact angle and sliding angle on the silica nanoparticle deposited aluminum alloy surface were 159±1° and 2°, respectively. In addition, the silica nanoparticle deposited aluminum alloy surface showed excellent self-cleaning property. This method may provide a facile and cost-effective route to form surperhydrophobic surfaces, which would be of technological significance for many practical applications.


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