A Combined Expander-compressor for an Automobile CO2 Air Conditioning System

Young-Jae No, Hyun-Jin Kim


For a CO2 automotive air conditioning system, a combined design of compressor and expander was introduced in order to improve the cycle performance. Both of the compressor and expander are rotary vane types, and designed to share a common shaft in housing. Numerical simulation was carried out to evaluate the merit of the combined unit. At a typical automotive air conditioning operating condition with Tcooler-exit = 46.3oC and Teva = 7.5oC, COP of the system was calculated to be improved by 7.11% by the application of the combined unit. The compressor input was reduced by 4.11% by the expander output. and about 2.72% increase in the cooling capacity was obtained by isentropic expansion in the expander.


Vane Rotary Expander, Vane Rotary Compressor, Compressor Input, CO2Air Conditioning Cycle, COP


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