A Comparative Analysis on Organic Certification Standard System Between China and the USA

Ting-you LI, Xin ZHAO


The USA and China are both one of countries owned the largest organic agricultural land. China's organic products are mainly export-oriented, and domestic consumption is complementary; on the contrary organic products in the U.S. is mainly for the domestic consumption, and the export is complementary. Organic production and sales of the two countries complement each other strongly. This paper provides an insight into a wide range of organic certification standard system and mechanisms in China and the USA; and compared the different between the two countries. It shows that the standards and certification regulations of organic products in China and the U.S. are similar, but there exit some differences in the certification standards, specifically in the environment quality control of the organic site, conversion date to organic products, the use of sewage sludge, the use of organic feed and grazing in livestock, organic certification standards of aquatic products, and the roster of organic certification products. It is estimated that the two countries will discuss the mutual recognition of organic food sooner or later, so this .paper may lay the foundation for promoting the bilateral trade for both countries.


Organic certification standard system, Organic food, China, the USA.


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