Countermeasures of Attracting College Students to Start a Business and Build Talented Youth Cities—Taking Wuhan as an Example

Yanying Zhang, Xuemei Wang


The issue of college students' entrepreneurship and employment has always been a headache for the government. How to solve this problem is about social stability and people's happiness. And it's up to 89 colleges & universities and 1.3 million college students in WuHan, the number of college students is at the forefront of the world's single cities, it's situation of college students' entrepreneurship and employment in Wuhan can reflect the employment and entrepreneurship of contemporary Chinese college students. So research team took Wuhan as an example. The phenomenon of "going away" is serious in Wuhan. In the past 5 years, less than 50% of Chinese students have been studying in the past five years. To solve this problem, the Wuhan government has launched the "Millions of College Students to Start Businesses and Employment Program" since the "Qingtong" project. The purpose is to enable millions of college students to "come in, go on, stay, and do" in Wuhan. Through field research and case interviews of universities such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University and Wuhan University of Technology, this paper analyzes the status quo of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship, points out their problems, analyzes the causes, and finally puts forward four suggestions. Aim to make a small contribution to the innovation and entrepreneurship of millions of college students, and solve some problems for the innovative and entrepreneurial students.


college students, start a business, innovation & entrepreneurship, financial support


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