Analysis of Research Hotspots and Trends in k12 Online Education in China

Xiaohui Xie


Education informatization in China has been greatly promoted in recent years, along with the popularity of the network technology and the smart terminal, and the breakthrough in big data and cloud computing technology, K12 online education grows rapidly, it’s especially necessary to comprehensively know about the development history of domestic K12 online education, research status and hotspots, thus further explore the development direction of K12 online education. In this paper, Citespace software is used to visualize the journal papers and master's degree papers collected in CNKI database and draw K12 keywords co-occurrence and the research hotspot in the research of the K12 online education change sequential graph, and we found K12 online education research focused on the "basic education", "Internet +", "online learning space", "online school" and "business model", etc., indicating that K12 online education develops with the national education informatization and, and turns the way of Market-oriented Development.


online education, K12, research hotspots, visual analysis


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