Optimization Design of Lens Roll-Pin Flexible Support Structure

Jun Li, Yi Chen


There is a relative contradiction between the stiffness requirement and the size and weight of the lens roll-pin flexible support structure. Aim to solve this contradiction, the mechanical model of the roll-pin flexible element was established, and the radial and tangential stiffness of the roll-pin flexible element were theoretically deduced and verified by finite element method by using cartesian theorem. Then, based on the stiffness formula, the optimization design model with geometric configuration parameters was constructed, and the optimization design model was applied to a lens with a diameter of 400mm. The results showed that the simulation was basically consistent with the theoretical design. Finally, based on the optimized design, the improved design of the circular roll-pin flexible structure was carried out and the finite element analysis was completed. The results show that the weight of the improved design is reduced by 10%, the maximum contact stress is reduced by 10%.


roll-pin flexible support structure, mechanical model, optimized design, finite element simulation, improved design


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