Double-Channel Tracking Performance Study in Spaceflight Testing & Controlling

Zheng Liu, Fu’an Sun, Peng Lv


The characteristic of double-channels tracking are with simple equipment, and high reliability. So it is applied to wide range in spaceflight testing & controlling system. AGC, time constant and sub & sum channel phase, has enormous influence on the function of double-channel tracking. When AGC the signal was chose inappropriate, the amplitude of double-channels channel signal will be in distortion. The sub signal will be damaged when double-channels channel signal and the differential & sum channel phase are not the same. And the modulation degree of double-channels signal will be decreased. Through analysis the basis of AGC time constant and the influence that differential & sum channel phase on double-channels tracking performance. It gives the principle and experienced dates for choosing AGC time constant, and it also introduces the methods and features of phase correction.


double channels, time constant,


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