Research on the Temperature Law of Brake Disc Based on Friction

Hushan Cui, Zhonghua Liu


The temperature characteristics of the brake disc will affect the material properties and stress characteristics and affect the safe operation of the train. In order to study the temperature distribution of the brake disc during the operation, a three-dimensional finite element contact model of the brake disc and the brake pad was established by software ABAQUS, applying the initial braking speed of 80 km/h. By analyzing the simulation results, it is found that in the process of the braking, the friction between the brake pad and the brake disc surface causes the temperature rising and forms a high-temperature zone in the middle of the brake disc surface. The temperature of the node belonging to the high temperature zone on the brake disc surface increases first and then decreases. The temperature of the brake disc along the axial direction decreases, and the temperature of the back of the disc increases continuously during the braking process.


the brake disc, the finite element, the friction method, the temperature


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