Design of Deicing Device for Air Vent of Cold Storage

Bin Cheng, Chao Tan, Xiuying Tang, Xuemei Leng, Zheyu Chu


Due to the cold storage vents are the intersection of outdoor warm flow and indoor cold flow, there is often ice accumulation. In this paper, we design one deicing device for air vent of cold storage which can automatically detect the icing condition of the vent and heat and deice the steel tube. The device includes contact sensor, power module, I/O acquisition module, control module, heating copper tube and leakage protection switch. When the contact sensor is completely covered with ice, the contact sensor sends out an alarm signal. The signal is transmitted to the I/O acquisition module and to the control module to drive the heating copper tube to automatically heat and deice. This design can be widely used in unmanaged cold storage vents and indoor and outdoor temperature environment of the warehouse with a large difference.


cold storage, automatic deicing, design


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