Study on the Effect of Emulsion on the Rotary Efficiency of Emulsion Drilling Machine

Pengbo Xu, Di Wu, Zhi Liu, Fenglei Chen, Peng Fang, Rui Zhang


The emulsion drilling rig uses emulsion as the driving medium. Because of its light structure and easy drilling, it is suitable for the construction of gas extraction hole and pressure hole in the narrow space of the comprehensive mining face of coal mine. It is of great significance for the safe and efficient mining of coal mine. In order to study the influence of different types of emulsified oil and its ratio concentration on the rotary efficiency of emulsion drilling rigs, a column emulsion drilling rig was developed. The cycloidal motor and non-circular motor were selected as the motors used for emulsifying liquid drilling rigs, and the emulsified oil specified by the national standard was selected. The emulsified oils HFA E10-5, HFA E15-5 and HFAE25-5 were matched into emulsion at 7 %, 5 % and 3 %, respectively, to test the rotary efficiency, rotary torque and rotational speed of the emulsion drilling rig in each emulsion. The test data of emulsion drilling rig are analyzed and the optimum emulsion oil and its ratio concentration are obtained, which provides a theoretical reference for the modified design of emulsion drilling rig.


emulsion drilling rig, gas extraction, column drilling rig, emulsion


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