Design of Cable Trench Inspection Robot System Based on Improved D*Lite Algorithm

Faqiang Zhao, Kun Zhou


Aiming the problem of on-line monitoring of the running state of underground cable trench, a cable trench inspection robot system is designed according to the cable trench environment. the requirements of on-line monitoring of underground cable trench, as well as the constraints brought by the underground cable trench environment are analyzed, and an inspection robot, including image module, temperature and humidity detection, combustible gas detection, motion mechanism, automatic navigation module, host system etc., are built. Multi-joint series structure crawler and dual central processing unit (CPU) are used to reduce the whole volume and weight of the robot. D*Lite algorithm is improved by fireworks algorithm. In this way, the distance between robot body and obstacles is increased, the smoothness of planning path is improved, and the path planning for cable trench environment is realized. Experiments of the scene show that, the robot system realizes the automatic inspection of the underground cable trench, and the required various cable operation information are obtained. It shows good crossing ability in the cable trench environment and satisficed the demands of the online monitoring of the underground cable trench.


cable trench inspection, inspection robot, D*Lite algorithm, automatic navigation


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