Why Is It Not See Everything A-50—Heavenly Eyes and Ears of Russia

Milan Dzunda, Peter Dzurovcin, Beata Ovcackova,


In this paper we analyze of the A 50 air defense system. Attention we paid to shielding the radar signals of the " Шмель " system. We performed a simulation of the shielding of radar signals the "Шмель" system in the horizontal and vertical plane. We present the individual stages of the construction of the system, its purpose and basic technical data. At the beginning of 2011, the Russian aircraft detection and guidance systems entered a new era thanks to the commissioning of the long-awaited modernized A-50U OKB Beriev aircraft. By mid-2013, two A-50Us were in operation, the third was expected by the end of the year and the fourth is planned to be commissioned in 2014. The modernization of the A-50 can be seen as a huge leap forward for the Air Force, which finally put computers into operation 21st century display systems paired with powerful radar.


fuselage, air force, shielding of radar signals


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