Research on Network Energy-Saving Robust Adjusting Routing Model Algorithm under Uncertain Bandwidth

Mengjia Zhang, Wenguo Yang, Wei Xu


The rapid development of networks and the continuous expansion of their scale have placed high demands on network energy-saving routing. To reduce network energy consumption, there are routing models and solving algorithms for deterministic needs. However, the point-to-point demands in the network are dynamically changed. These changes in demands and changes in bandwidth size will affect will the original transmission path, making the so-called “optimal routing scheme” the actual effect is very poor, or even infeasible. This paper studies the changes in network demand from one moment to another moment, the optimal adjustment problem of the robust routing scheme and establishes a 0-1 non-linear integer programming robust routing adjustment model with the goal of minimizing the sum of the adjustment cost and the loss of network routing energy consumption performance. A heuristic algorithm based on the k-shortest paths is designed and the validity of the routing adjustment model and the algorithm are verified for the network.


network routing, network energy consumption, adjusting costs, robust routing, demand changes


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