Research on the Economic Effect of Industrial Structure Collaborative Agglomeration

Hong-xia WU, Chao CUI


In order to promote the coordinated development of industrial structure towards manufacturing industry and producer services and improve the level of regional economic development, the "double-wheel drive" development mode of modern service industry and manufacturing industry in developed regions or countries is studied, and the economic effect of the collaborative agglomeration of producer services and manufacturing industry is studied. The most basic economic effects of industrial collaborative agglomeration are economic growth effect and industrial structure upgrade effect. The Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration must reasonably promote the "two-wheel" driving strategy, change the mode of economic development, relieve the crowded effect of industrial collaborative agglomeration, and transform the negative effect of industrial collaborative agglomeration on economic growth. This study has reference value in the following aspects: to ease the spillover conduction path of industrial collaborative agglomeration, to strengthen the coordinating and leading role of central cities, to accelerate industrial upgrading, and to narrow the regional income gap.


Dual Wheel Drive, Industrial Economy, Collaborative Agglomeration, Economic Growth


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