Research on the Promotion of Construction and Development of Think Tanks in Local Newly Built Undergraduate Universities—Taking the Brand Strategy and Development Think Tank of Shandong Women's University as an Example

Shi-guo HUANG, Pei-biao LIU


The think tank of universities is an important carrier for scientific research, social service and talent training. At present, the construction of the think tank in local newly-built undergraduate universities is increasingly intensified, but its related functions have not been fully developed and played yet. Taking the brand strategy and development think tank of Shandong Women’s College as an example, this paper investigates and analyzes the current situation, existing problems and causes of its construction and development, and then proposes corresponding countermeasures, the purpose is to provide guidance for the sustainable and healthy development and growth of the think tank. At the same time, it can provide reference for the construction and development of the think tank in similar newly-built undergraduate universities.


Local Newly Built Undergraduate Universities, Think Tank, Industry-university -research Cooperation, Social Services


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