A Study of Satisfaction with Governmental Quality Efforts Based on Different Influencing Factors—With the Monitoring Data of Liaoning Province as an Example

Jing-xing LIAO, Lei FENG, Xiao-wen XU


In order to intensify quality efforts, strengthen the responsibility for quality safety, raise the overall level of quality and comprehensively and systematically understand the effectiveness of quality improvement actions of government and the gap between quality perception and requirements f consumers, this paper set up 5 level-1 indicators and 13 corresponding level-2 indicators in five fields of product quality, engineering quality, service quality, environmental quality and quality awareness to monitor the public satisfaction with governmental quality efforts in Liaoning Province. The results show that the public satisfaction with services in the fields of engineering quality and product quality is rather low, calling for greater attention from Liaoning Provincial Government and further improvement.


Public Services, Quality Monitoring, Survey and Analysis


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