Research on the Development of Small Farmers’ Economic Sales Channels: A Case Study of Qingyuan, Guangdong and Hualien, Taiwan

Hsiao-Yu CHIEN, Miraj Ahmed Bhuiyan


In order to meet the demand of sustainable development of agriculture, we should enhance the competitiveness of small-scale peasant economy, grasp the business channels, grasp the business opportunities, and expand the new development of agriculture by strengthening and integrating the sales channels of agriculture. Sales channels have a positive impact on the development of small-scale farmers' economy. Hualian Changliang organic group develops through diversified channels such as school nutrition lunch, farmer's market, chain supermarket and farmer's direct selling station, so as to improve the sales volume of agricultural products and expand the new development of small-scale peasant economy. Through in-depth interviews, the sales channels of Qingyuan Bailijin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. are mainly divided into online and offline Channel, offline distributors are directly used for distribution, while ‘Wechat’ is used for online sales. The diversified development of channels has a certain impact on the sales volume of agricultural products. The development of small-scale peasant economy in Hualian and Qingyuan depends on the expansion of sales channels. The establishment and deepening of diversified online and offline sales channels affect the development of small-scale peasant economy and the sustainability of agricultural development.


Small Peasant Economy, Qingyuan, Hualian, Sales Channel, Sustainability


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