An Empirical Study of Trade Status and Determinants Between China and "One Belt- One Road" Countries-Based on Trade Gravity Model

Qian-nan ZHANG, Xiao-na HE, Miraj Ahmed Bhuiyan


“One Road-One Belt”, (Belt and Road Initiative, BRI) reminiscent of the Silk Road, is a massive infrastructure and trade project, initiated by China; that would stretch from East Asia to Europe, somehow recognized by the international community. Despite of criticism of this project, it is considered as an effective tool for promoting regional and bilateral trade deals. In this paper we have pointed out the problems that hindered the bilateral trades among countries along the route. Based on Trade gravity Model; bilateral trade model between China and the countries along the “Belt and Road” was empirically tested in the article, followed by some suggestions.


Trade Gravity Model, One Road- One Belt, Trade Determinants, Trade Status


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