Supplier Fairness Perception as a Mediating Factor in the Supplier Role Performance—The Relationship Quality of Supply Chain

Yu-ling SUN, Yi-di LI, Hong WANG


Suppliers play an important role in the agricultural product supply chain and their behavior could influence significantly relationship quality of supply chain. However, the role performance of agricultural product suppliers is usually ignored, which affects the decision-making establishment of relationship quality among supply chain members. In addition, fairness perception by agricultural product suppliers will also affect the quality of supply chain relationships. This work takes the agricultural product supply chain as the research object and investigates how the supplier role performance affects the relationship quality of supply chain. An empirical study is conducted through questionnaire-related data based on the model. The research results show that supplier role performance has a significant positive effect on the relationship quality, and the distributive fairness of supplier has a significant intermediary effect on both supplier role performance and relationship quality of the supply chain. In addition, price satisfaction has a positive impact on commitments when considering the fairness perception of suppliers.


Supplier Role Performance, Relationship Quality, Fairness Perception, Supply Chain Cooperation


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