Economic Evaluation of ESS in Micro Grid According to Load Type and System Configuration

Soo-kyeong HAN, Hoon-chul SHIN, Soo-hwan CHO


Recently, the microgrid market is growing significantly as the increased interests in environment issue and renewable energy. And the power in a microgrid is generally supplied and consumed through power converters, since the microgrid systems are composed of AC link. But most renewable energy such as ESS and Photovoltaics is generated in form of DC output. Considering that the ratio of DC load is gradually increasing and it will occupy a higher ratio than the AC load, the DC link configuration could be potentially more beneficial than AC link in a microgrid. In this paper, the economic analysis and evaluation of a stand-alone microgrid will be performed using HOMER simulation according to load types and system configurations.


ESS, HOMER, Micro grid, DC load, System configuration


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