The Analysis on Inter-Regional Industrial Production Chain of China Based on the Average Propagation Length

Zhong MA, Xiang-xiang HUI, Quan-run CHEN, Cui MA


The group-wise APL gives between any two groups of sectors. We research each province’s position in production chain of China using GAPL, based on the Chinese inter-regional input-output table. GAPL provides a new perspective and approach to understand and measure quantitatively the regional spatial distribution pattern in Chinese provinces. Provinces located in the regional industrial production chain downstream, like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong mainly engaged in final production activities, such as transportation equipment manufacturing industry; rich-resource provinces located at upstream, mainly provided inter-mediate products for other provinces, such as Jiangxi, Shanxi, Shandong Inner-Mongolia.


The regional input-output, The production chain, Province’s position


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