Research on Development Path of Labor Dispatching

Jian-ding ZHU, Xue-ying YANG, Ji-wei YANG


Labor dispatching form of employment has become an important part of human resources management in the industry short of labor. Some companies even prefer to use labor dispatching instead of regular staff recruitment and training. Labor dispatching on the surface, will help decrease the cost of human capital, but in the long run, its characteristics such as liquidity, instability and non-sustainability will lead to increase labor dispatching costs . Companies hire but doesn’t utilizes talents will make principal-agent theory go wrong. These problems such as moral hazard, asymmetric information, "employers must become a savvy buyer", are what we have to face in the process of human resources management. Therefore, these fields such as regulating balance of labor relation in the labor dispatch, labor relations, carrying out the labor supervision, perfecting the interests of the labor dispatching compensation mechanism are what we should clear in the process of implementing human resource management for the future labor dispatching enterprise.


Labor dispatching, Human resource management, Equal pay for equal work


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