Current Situation Research and Proposal of Social Organization Standardization Management Mode

Qing XU, Xiang-hua ZHU


To foster and develop social organization standard is the important measure of China’s reform of standardization system, and is also the important breakthrough of the current standard system reform at the same time. Until now, China is at a crossroads which is the transition to new nation standard system. The social organization standardization effectively supports the new standard system which is synergetic development and match coordination between standards developed by government and standards automatically developed by market. This paper is aimed at researching and analyzing the current situation of social organization standardization management mode from three aspects of government-led, market-driven and all parties synergy. The effect of China’s social organization standardization since the announcement of The Plan for Furthering the Standardization Reforms is summarized. And pertinent work measures are proposed based on the deficiencies existed, viewing to providing theoretical support and reference thinking.


Standardization, Reform of system, Social organization standard, Management mode


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