Has Exports Promoted Transformation of Economic Growth Mode? An Empirical Analysis Based on Multinational Cross-Panel Data

Yun-hong CHEN


Firstly, we have calculated the change trend of economic growth mode in 38 major economies from 1990 to 2012, based on the contribution rate of total factor productivity to economic growth as a measure of economic growth mode. Next, we have test the impact of export trade on economic growth mode according to the national panel data from 1993 to 2012. Taking into account the type of export and the heterogeneity of export commodities among different nations, we have also conducted an empirical study of backward economies and leading economies respectively. Results show that export has positive effect on the transformation of the economic growth mode of the backward countries, but the marginal effect of this promotion is getting smaller, with the further development of the global economic integration and further refinement of the international division of labor. Export has not promoted the transformation of the mode of economic growth, and it is only the path of the domestic mature commodity seeking excess profits, due to the of status of technology leaders, and the endogeneity of economic growth mode in developed countries.


Export trade, Economic growth mode, Heterogeneity


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