Overseas Talents Backflow under the Level of IPR Based on the View of Technology Backward Countries

Qiang JIANG, Ting-hua LIU


Under the significant hypothesis of Dustmann (2011) — double skilled talents, this paper will divide the overseas talents into two types which are independent innovation talents and imitate innovation talents, and then construct an overseas returnee gravitation model under the system of intellectual property rights. This model will analyze the influence of the system of intellectual property rights on the backflow of overseas talents. Results show that overseas talents backflow will be influenced by output elasticity of independent innovation and imitate innovation, meanwhile which will also be influenced by the number of innovation type contained by the overseas returnee. Under the condition of intellectual property rights protection promotion continually, the more output elasticity of independent innovation in home country and the more independent innovation endowment within overseas talents, the bigger attraction they reture to mother country.


Intellectual property rights protection, Multinational talents backflow, Independent innovation, Imitate innovation


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