Research to the Influential Factors of Happiness under the Background of Multicultural Culture

Xue-ying YANG, Jian-ding ZHU, Xin-ran ZHANG


For a long time, “the higher the income level is, the higher the happiness index is”, this discourse cognition has been long dominating our thinking mode in the discourse of local governance. This perception, which economists call as "paradox of happiness", is challenged by the diversity of happiness studies. From the conclusion of the study, the influential factors of happiness come from many aspects. In some situations, the influence of some factors on happiness is closely related to the mainstream discourse and the focus of the society. In order to determine the influential factors of happiness, especially in the context of cross-culture, it is necessary to test and revise the scientific nature and applicability of happiness.


Happiness, Subjective well-being, Influential factors, Diversification


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