Study of Rule-of-Law Theories Applied in University Management

Ying SUN


The study explores the problem of university management, under the perspective of Rule-of-Law-Based Management. Its core purpose is, in the perspective of globalization, by means of optimizing management system, to implementation the innovation of education management system, and to provide the good support to the environment strategy optimization of university management.

As a response to the increasing international competitions for talents generally, the nation has poured a considerable sum of fund into education, which enables higher education to enter a phase of rapid development. On the other hand, at current phase of university operation, management by rule of law is taking form. Universities and faculty and students, however, has not built basic awareness of managing university by law; normalized managerial patterns and well-accepted and recognized management awareness have not been formed. Besides, people in the process of university management lack of questions in terms of traditional management. Therefore, traditional management concept should be changed. It requires a full integration of rule-of-law and institutional systems to optimize the development of education management system and in an environment subject to law, to realize effective development of university’s education administrative mechanism.


Rule-of-law-based management, University management, Innovative analysis, Globalization perspective


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