Virtual Reality in Educational Process

Jozef TOROK, Jozef ZAJAC, Frantisek BOTKO, Dusan MITAL, Lenka MROSKOVA


This article is situated into the area of virtual reality in educational process to improve visualization of students. One of the technologies that are used to attainment of virtual reality is technology of mixed reality. Mixed reality is formed with technology of augmented reality or augmented virtuality. In the first part the article is described theoretical assumes of utilization of augmented reality in the sectors of industry, explains basic concepts of virtual reality and its historical evolution. The article describe the systems design and realization of system for visualization of production cell with virtual reality. Systems design represents design of software elements for solution of production cell with static user. Realization involves modelling and creation of assembling production cell and the creation of outgoing form of projected users view.


Education, Virtual reality, Software, Production process, Production cell


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