User Adoption Intention of the Tourism APP Based on Experimental Method

Lan PAN, Ai-qing RUAN, Wei ZHANG


This paper mainly analyzes the influence of tourism app design on user's adoption intention. In this paper, the information system success model is used as the basic theoretical model. Besides the satisfaction, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use are also taken into consideration to enrich the whole model. Four tourism APPs were designed for experimental participants to experience. These APPs have four kinds of different information quality and system quality, using the Xixi National Wetland Park as the background. A questionnaire was asked to complete after one different person using one kind of APP. Two hundred valid questionnaires were collected. This is first time to researches the user adoption intention of tourism APP by experiment method. Results show that the information quality and system quality in the system design have significant positive effects on the individual's perceived usefulness, and satisfaction. But the positive effect on the perceived ease of use is not significant. Research shows that improving the information quality and system quality in tourism APPs will indirectly affect the user's willingness to use.


Tourism APP, Information system success model, Information quality, System quality


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