Research on the Cooperation between Universities and Enterprises in Career Technical College

Xiao-dong ZHU, Ning JIANG


Higher vocational and technical education is an important part of higher education in China. It is a specialized organization to train applied talents for the country. Vocational and technical education in China has made important progress in recent years. But in recent years, Career Technical College graduate employment difficulties. University-enterprise cooperation is the basic way to cultivate talents in Career Technical College, and is also a notable feature of modern higher vocational education. Practice has proved that the cooperation between school and enterprise is a window for students to contact the society. Career Technical College can only meet the needs of social and economic development through extensive cooperation between schools and enterprises. This activity is conducive to the creation of a distinctive new profession and the employment of graduates. At present, there are still many problems in the process of cooperation between universities and enterprises in Career Technical College. This requires the joint efforts of both schools and enterprises to explore the school enterprise win-win measures.


Higher vocational education, School-enterprise cooperation, Cooperation mode, Cooperation strategy


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