Scientific Practice-An Exploration of Education Mode on Training of the Talents of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ling-yun ZHONG, Wei-feng ZHU, Yao-hui YE, Yi HUANG, Xiang ZHOU, Hong-ning LIU


Cultivating college students' innovation ability is the demand of higher education in the new century, and also the important symbol to measure the quality of education at universities. Recent years, through the project of ‘National personnel training mode innovation experimental area’, with the innovation education idea, undergraduate practical teaching reform was applied in Chinese Pharmacy major (CPM) in Jiangxi University of TCM, to cultivate the students’ innovation ability and exploring spirit. The fifth semester was as the period of scientific practice, no theoretical courses were arranged in this semester. Students choose the laboratories and teachers they are interested in to carry out scientific research and practice. In the end of the practice the students should make a presentation to clarify what they have done and what harvest they got during the scientific practice. It is believed that most of the students in CPM in the university have improved their innovation ability after the scientific practice comparing to the students who didn’t evolved in the practice. The education mode on training of the talents of traditional Chinese medicine provide a new way to cultivating the innovation ability of university students in a new time.


Innovation ability, Scientific Practice, Chinese Pharmacy major


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