Analysis of Influencing Factors on Pore Structure of Gaotaizi Reservoir in QIJIA

Mei-ling JIANG, Yun-feng ZHANG


The Qijia area is located in the Qijia-Gulong sag of Daqing Placanticline. The Gaotaizi oil reservoir is a compact muddy siltstone assemblage with four oil groups. The third and fourth high-formation groups are the main force Generating layer of the Qingshankou formation. The Gaotaizi oil layer is buried deep, and these layers are subject to strong diagenetic transformation. Based on the study of reservoir microstructural characteristics, the main control factors of reservoir pore structure are sedimentary, diagenesis and waterflooding development using core data, microscopic images and logging data. The controlling effect of different sedimentary microfacies on pore structure was studied through studying the characteristics of sedimentary microfacies type in the study area. The controlling effect of diagenesis on pore structure was studied through the diagenetic evolution characteristics.The controlling effect of waterflooding on pore structure was studied by observing microcosmic characteristics of reservoirs with different washing degree.


Pore structure, Sedimentation, Di-agenesis, Water injection, Sedimentary microf-acies


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