Ferroelectrics Vanadates as New Multi-Functional Materials

Daria A. Petrova, Dina V. Deyneko, Vladimir A. Morozov, Sergey Yu. Stefanovich, Bogdan I. Lazoryak


New 10.5-xPbx(VO4)7, 0 5 high-temperature ferroelectric based on Ca3(VO4)2 is obtained in powders and ceramics form by solid-state method. Nonlinear optical properties of the whitlockite-type compounds increased with the substitution of Ca2+ by Pb2+ cations by an order of magnitude. It is found that ferroelectric Curie point goes linearly from 1367 K at x = 0 down to 751 K at x = 5 at rise of lead content. A maximum value of optical nonlinearity and the lowest temperature of ferroelectric-paraelectric phase transition was found for 5.5Pb5(VO4)7. Combination of low temperature transition with record non-linear optical activity makes its applicable in ion-exchange technology and useful for optical devices.


Multi-functional materials, Ionic conductivity, Nonlinear optical activity, Ferroelectric properties, Whitlockite


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