Fabrication of Hydrophobic Micro-lens Arrays by Capillary Force Lithography

Jia XU, Wen-bin XU, Tai-sheng WANG, Chun-bo LIN, He WANG, Jian-zhuo LIU, Jia-lin XU, Zhen-wu LU, Hong-xin ZHANG


This paper presents a method based on the capillary force lithography technology to fabricate the micro-lens arrays. The micro-lens arrays characterized with hydrophobic were obtained by combining this capillary force lithography and photolithography. In the method, the PDMS is used as an elastomeric mold that has a planar surface with the negative concave micro-lens structures by casting PDMS against a complementary relief structure prepared by photolithography. The imaging and the hydrophobic performances of the micro-lens array are achieved during the experiments, and the maximum contact angle reaches 124° approximately. This technology is suitable for applications required a self-cleaning surface such as image sensors and detectors operating under the natural conditions.


Capillary force, Hydrophobic, lithography


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