Application of Markov Random Field on Microwave Near-Field Imaging of Breast Tumor

Yi-zhong PENG, Meng YAO


This paper solved an inverse scattering problem of near field under some conditions and presented a novel microwave near-field imaging method of breast tissues with tumors, which is based on the contrast of dielectric properties between normal breast tissues and tumors. We used microwave scatter- sounding method to detect the breast and obtained the reconstruction projection data. Then modeled the dielectric properties distribution of breast tissues with Markov Random Field (MRF) method. With the characteristics of radial distribution of the data, we established the relationship between dielectric properties distribution and detected data. Using Maximum a Posteriori (MAP) estimation, we obtained an optimization problem and solved it. The simulation result shows that the method is effective for imaging.


Microwave near-field imaging, Markov random field, Bayesian maximum a posterior


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