Circuit Design and Simulation of Hydraulic System that Applied Optional Redundancy about Hydraulic Pumps for Track-Based Seabed ROV

Jeongwoo PARK, Youngho CHOI, Hyogon KIM, Jungwoo LEE, Jongdeuk LEE, Hyojun LEE, Jonggeol KIM


The track based ROV shown in figure 1 have high weight and frictional force, so it is useful to doing heavy work. But, the concept of improving the reliability of the ROV has not been applied despite the fact that the remote operation is performed at a distance. In this paper, design and simulation hydraulic system applying selective redundancy based on multiple hydraulic power pack about the track based ROV in order to improve the reliability of the track based ROV.


Hydraulic system, Hydraulic simulation, Multiple pumps, Redundancy, Seabed ROV


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