Design and Research of Amphibious Cleaning Robot

Xue-feng YANG, Li-gang CHEN


This paper designed a control system based on STM32 as the main core of the control system of amphibious waters, cleaning robot, the overall design including hardware module circuit and software module two parts. Designed a new multi-function remote control type amphibious water cleaning robot, the robot cleaner by the control system module, bluetooth module, solar power supply module, motor module, garbage collection, sorting system module, hull and car body in an amphibious system composition, its special ground drive system and the surface drive system can realize amphibious type movement, through the mobile terminal equipment sends commands to the STM32 control system, which can realize remote control robot cleaner to designated waters homework, such as the implementation of cleaning robot move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, such as motor control, and complete garbage collection, sorting, handling, unloading and other tasks, through the test, can effectively achieve the surface of the robot clean homework tasks[1].


Waterway amphibious cleaning vehicle, Surface cleaning, STM32


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