Design of Six Axis Automatic Painting Machine for Automatic Up and Down

Xu-deng XU, Mian-hao ZHANG, Zhi-qiang LIU, Ze-hua WANG, Liu-lin WU


In this paper, we develop an automated spray paint machine which can load up and down the material automatically and complete the six sides painting spraying once. The painting machine principally consists of wood paint processing conveyor belts, board painting workbenches, frame racks, driven components and spindle components and so on. The painting machine uses the special chain conveyor lifts to achieve automatic loading and unloading of board; Then make full use of 90-degree horizontal rotations of those four station at the board painting workbench and 180-degree flips of every station to achieve a six-sided painting at a time; And use the combination between two PLCs and the inverter to achieve multi-axis motor control. What’s more, it can realize unmanned automatic machining process operation, have a high degree of automation, an advanced and brief craft process and an improved production efficiency, increase utilization of paint and save production costs.


Board, Automatic baiting, Six face lacquer, PLC


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