Evaluation of Water Environment Quality of Si River Based on Multivariate Statistical Method

Sheng- LIU, Wen-li ZHOU, Yong DOU , Jin-wei GAO, Xu-ying JIA, Feng-yue SHU, Ying-hui CHAI


Application of multivariate statistical analysis and system clustering analysis method, based on the detection index of suspended solids (SS), water temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), total nitrogen (TN), dissolved total nitrogen (DTN), chemical oxygen demand (CODMn), ammonia nitrogen (NH4 +-N), nitrate nitrogen (NO3 --N), chlorophyll (Chla), dissolved total phosphorus (DTP), dissolved inorganic phosphorus (DIP), total phosphorus (TP) and alkalinity were measured, analyzed on 21 monitoring sections of Si River and major tributaries. The results show: Nitrogen and phosphorus are the main pollution components in 2013-2014 of Si River. The results provide basic data and theoretical basis for pollution control of Si River.


Si River, Multivariate statistical analysis, System cluster analysis, Nitrogen and phosphorus


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