Effects of Different Allelochemicals on the Growth and Gene Expression of Beet Seedlings

Bing-xue MA, Da-you CHENG, Jie CUI, Cui-hong DAI


In this study, the effects of different allelochemicals on the germination of sugar beet seeds, the fresh weight and plant height of beet seedlings were studied. The allelochemicals were extracted from five kinds of plants, okra, soybean, Cichorium intybus, corn and beet. It was found that sugar beet had a serious autotoxic effect,and the allelopathic material of Cichorium intybus also inhibited the growth of sugar beet seedlings, while the other allelopathic substances promoted the growth of the seedlings. It is found that all the allelochemicals can effectively promote the production of pigments in beet seedling, but the treatment effects of the allelochemicals are different. What is more, the expression of UDP-GT and TYR gene was measured,and the relationship between pigment content and gene expression was found to be closely related, but the specific impact pathway still need to be further studied.


Allelopathy, Physiological indicator, Pigment extraction, Gene expression


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