Sedimentary Characteristics of Pear Depression in Songliao Basin

Meng-meng WANG, Hong-qi YUAN


In this paper, the sedimentary characteristics and sedimentary facies evolution of the Lower Cretaceous in the eastern part of the pear depression are studied by using the logging, drilling, core, earthquake and analysis data. Combined with the theoretical knowledge of sedimentology and petroleum geology. However, the depositional system in this area is complex and the types of sediments are diverse, which makes the oil and gas exploration and resource evaluation have great constraints. Based on the pissus formation and tectonic characteristics, the main sedimentary facies of the study area are fan delta facies, braided river delta facies, meandering river facies and lake facies, and the sedimentary evolution of the study area is obtained.


Pear depression, Sedimentary characteristics, Sedimentary evolution


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