Spatial Appeal and Spatial Response of Hui-xian Wetland Protection and Development in Guilin—Based on the Natural Landscape

Zheng-min WEN, Zhen ZHANG


Hui-xian wetland is the largest karst wetland in China, which has unique natural landscape resources. This paper is based on the natural landscape, historical evolution, ecological protection, landscape aesthetic perspective, the analysis result of the spatial demands of Hui-xian wetland recovery is in the range of 39.2km2, the specific demands include: 1) waters repair development; 2) linear space series; 3) landscape space integration. From the aspects of land conversion, corridor construction, layout adjustment and other aspects, this paper puts forward the way of spatial response, and finally comes to the conclusion that the wetland can be restored to 25km2. This study can provide some theoretical reference for the rational development and utilization of wetland and the scientific planning of wetland protection.


Wetland protection, Exploitation, Demand, Natural landscape


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