Removal Efficiency of Ammonia Nitrogen by Artificial Wetland and Submerged Plant in the Yintan Park of Yellow River from Lanzhou

Wen-xiu YAO, Guo-hua CHANG, Tian-peng GAO, Qing ZHANG, Hong-bin CHEN, Jun-ni CHEN


Based on the determination of pH, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and electrical conductivity (EC) of the different sources of water in the inlet and outlet of Yintan wetland ecological park in Lanzhou of the Yellow River, the removal of ammonia nitrogen from wetland water were tested in laboratory by use of plant of Hydrilla verticillata in mud and Chlorophytum picking at the riverside under controlled, separately and mixed. The results showed water parameters such as pH, COD, and EC in wetland park appearing the increase of pH and decrease of COD and EC after sewage passing through the wetland park form Yellow River. The removal rate of ammonia nitrogen was 80.14% and 90.37% by Hydrilla verticillata and Chlorophytum planted separately and mixed 90.73%, respectively. These two kinds of plants can not only cooperate with the artificial wetland system to purify the polluted water, but also have certain landscape and good ecological benefits.


Artificial wetland, Plant, Ammonia nitrogen, Removal efficiency


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