Seasonal Aerosol Vertical Distribution and Optical Properties over North China

Xing-xing GAO, Yan CHEN, Lei ZHANG, Wu ZHANG


To provide theoretical basis for studying the formation mechanism of aerosol, this paper analyzed the spatial and temporal variation characteristics of the aerosol optical depth (AOD), and the seasonal aerosol compositions, optical properties and vertical distribution under different polluted conditions over North China by using CALIPSO products. Then seasonal aerosol optical properties were validated by the AERONET data. The results show that the AOD at the plain regions is high while the AOD at mountainous regions is low, AOD in summer is the highest while AOD in spring is the lowest, and that AOD is minimum when the visibility is maximum. The AOD temporal variation during the recent ten years shows a weak increasing trend (0.003) over North China. The aerosols generated by human activities dominate over North China and the dust also plays an important role in spring, autumn and winter. The depolarization and color ratios are highest in spring and lowest in summer. The dust is transported to the middle and upper troposphere in spring, the strong vertical convection activities in summer transport massive aerosols from the atmospheric boundary layer to the free troposphere, and the stable meteorological conditions in autumn and winter trap massive aerosols within the boundary layer.


Aerosol, Vertical distribution, Optical properties, CALIPSO


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